When using double or single quotes I get strange characters instead, do you know how to fix?

When using a LibreOffice Impress Template “vivid-blue” everything looks fine when I use double or single quotes in LibreOffice 6.1 on Debian Stable and in LibreOffice 7.0.4 on Fedora 33. However, on LibreOffice 7.0.4 on Windows 10 I get the following weird characters.

image description

This is using Liberation Serif font in the English Language. Additionally the strange behavior happens that if I have an Impress Presentation open using that template, and with that presentation still open I create a new document in Writer, and have the Liberation Serif font selected, I will get those same strange characters when I start typing double or single quotes in the new document.

I have been able to fix this if I deselect the file property to not “embed fonts” which I have been using in an effort to get the fonts to look the same in my presentations wherever I open them, close the presentation, and then reopen it.

Am I missing a setting or is this a known issue with “embed fonts” option or is this a known issue with the Windows 10 version of LibreOffice?

Thanks for any ideas and help.

In my version of LibreOffice,, Windows 10 (19042), unlike the other templates, the Vivid template defaults to German (Austria) but I use English (UK). I can click on the Language button at the bottom of the screen to change it English (UK) then when I type I can get curly quotes instead of double comma at beginning and double quotes at end.

You can create a new template in your language by opening a new Vivid presentation, changing the language and then clicking File > Templates > Save as template, in the dialog give it name like Vivid (my language), selecting Presentations under Template Category, and clicking Save button.

@Earnest-AI My vivid-blue template apparently had Argentinian Spanish as the default language. I did what you suggested and opened the Template, and tried to do two things. Change the default language to English (USA) which I believe I have achieved, and change all of the fonts from “Open Sans” to “Liberation Sans” which seems to make my template fonts act more consistently across Win10 and Linux distributions and versions of Impress. I haven’t quit fixed everything, because every once in a while when I create a new text box it will still default to “Open Sans” instead of “Liberation Sans” so I missed a Style font choice somewhere in the template. I’ve created a few presentations from this changed template and it seems to work more consistently now. Thanks for the advice.

No worries. You could post it as a bug