When using Record, Deleted text disappearing instead of Red-Lining, Please help!

Hi , Please help…I am new to this program and on top of it constantly crashing, it is no longer showing the text I am deleting with a red line through it, even though Record is on and it worked yesterday. Can someone please assist me in this. I am under a dead-line and have now spent 2 hours trying to fix and research the issue to no avail.

Thank you in advance.


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OK thank you. I am completely new to your software. Very late last night I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled the previous version and the redlining has returned.

The most recent version kept crashing anyway, so hopefully all is taken care of now.

Thank you for your guidance. I appreciate it and will submit more complete questions in the future.


This problem cannot be helped without more information. Please read @Hrbrgr’s comment carefully and follow its instructions. Perhaps this problem can be dealt with quickly.
But this problem:

most likely due to the fact that you inadvertently deactivated the menu item Edit - Track Changes - Show


OK. Thank you.