Where are the autocorrect options saved in Writer?


I have different machines running Writer but I also have a huge list of autocorrect options that speeds up the writing, such as shortcuts for writing greeks letters etc.

Instead of re-setting each option in each version, is there a file I can copy a paste between machines in order to have the same option? I mean the file that contains the options for the autocorrect function.

Thank you

In Windows the autocorrect files are found in /Libreoffice/share/autocorr. Copy-Paste the relevant .dat file (that is for the specific language you want),

If copying the DAT file does not work here is a hack. Rename the DAT file to .zip and open the archive (as in many other LO files the .dat is a ZIP file). The replace list is in DocumentList.xml.

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Actually, copying acor_en-US.dat into ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/autocorr/ did the trick.

They are in the user profile. There may be several files.


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Thank you, but even if I have some autocorrection options for english UK, there are no files in the autocorr folder… can I make one myself for this language and what is the format? (scv? tsv?)

In Linux Mint I have found a ~/.config/…/autocorr/acor_en-GB.dat file. Would this be the one? And why is not on Ubuntu?