Where is Ctrl+Right/Left Shift customized?

When CTL is on in Language Settings, Ctrl+Right/Left Shift gets added as a key binding for switching text entry to right/left, along with Ctrl+Shift+D and Ctrl+Shift+A.

I find this key combination problematic, because in other text editors I expand text selection by words (Ctrl+Shift+Left, Ctrl+Shift+Right) very often. However, I can’t find where this key binding is defined in Writer - it’s not listed under Tools|Customize|Keyboard like Ctrl+Shift+D and Ctrl+Shift+A are.

How do I remove this key binding? It’s a major usability issue for me.

P.S: in many apps, and globally across Windows for example, this is the same key combination, but the app waits for the keys to go up before changing a paragraph direction to allow Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right.

P.S 2: I found this answer, which doesn’t give a solution or a workaround but may indicate it’s a bug: Writer: How to disable Ctrl-RightShift to switch to RTL