Who deleted question 145716?

Question 145716 was i-forgot-my-password-to-a-very-important-document-please-please-help-ill-get-fired.

It contained a lengthy explanation about password protection and a macro by @Lupp to attempt to recover a forgotten password based on guesses.

Questions about password protection and workaround attempts are asked periodically. The mentioned question contained a wealth of valuable information.

Is there a way to recover it?


Attachments by @Lupp:



Thanks @mikekaganski. Is there a way to reload with the same URL as it is reference from several other questions?

Maybe @cloph could help?

(Donno how I was lead to this old question.)

I also haven’t a preserved a draft of that post.
The original questioner there never answered, but there were a few contributors commenting in the thread. My memory generally is fading a bit, and …

However I can tell that I came back to the underlying topic once, and found that the second attachment above (originally posted first, imo) did no longer work as expected due to changes in the handling of failing attempts (supposedly).
I made a reworked one on 2018-02-09 which above also has a link. I attach an again reworked version of 2018-09-20 here:
checkPwd.ods (90.6 KB)

Five years ago my intention was to start a project supporting “good guessing” by “good questions” and helping then to get a long list of pw-candidates by combinatoric means to allow for an unattended “day of checking the sequence”. Like many of my projects invented on the fly it died.