Why are edit, paste, undo, etc. grayed out?

edit,paste,undo,redo are grayed out and will not work??
new calc document just downloaded 4.2 all 4 items grayed out from the start on win7

Maybe the file is in non-edit mode, e.g. an attachment to an email.
Change to edit mode clicking the edit icon.

image description

Where is the edit icon?

Please try to be more specific in your questions. In what circumstances do the edit options not work? Is it with a new document, what kind of document? Is there an object selected? What platform are you running LibreOffice on?

Without any more details I’m afraid nobody on this forum or elsewhere will be able to help with your situation. Try to report the exact steps you followed and what you were expecting e.g.
–Created a new Writer document

– Written a few words

– Highlighted a word

– Reached out to Edit menu

– Expected to be able to cut/copy the word

– Menu item grayed out etc.