why are my Libre word documents being saved in Note format?

my Libre word documents being saved in Notepad document format?

I’ve sorted problem for now !
Apologies, this forum is new and unfamiliar to me, not using it correctly I know.
It doesn’t help that I’m rushing to sort everything out - but I’m getting there.
Many thanks for all help
Sorry, now time to explain - I have to get on and catch up on my work - way behind now!
Kind regards
John Nebel

would you mind to give a little bit information? Like what is your LO version; your OS; what you do (open/create files - which and how; edit them; save them - everything with details like which menu you use, etc.); and which result you see exactly, and why is it unsatisfactory? That would make the question useful to start trying to understand and help. Thanks!

Second to Mike Kaganski: read these guidelines and ask a good question. What is Note format? I have never heard of it.

Let me make a wild guess - you are using Windows 10 and the OS starts WordPad, if you double click on a document ending with .odt ( OpenDocument Text, which ist Libreoffice Writer’s format). Then you are hit by an incorrect file extension association of .odt files to wordpad (does also exist for no apparent reason on my Windows 10 system). If that’s the case, you need to modify the association of .odt files to LibreOffice Writer. To do so, one way is to right click to the file in explorer and selcet “Open with” and select LibreOffice and don’t forget to check “Always use this application…”

there might be infinite number of possibilities; one is that OP creates DOC(X) files by right-clicking in Explorer (using MS Office-created shortcuts which create empty files)… but OP should describe at least something.