Why can't I change the cursor thickness in Writer?

I know it’s been asked, but I can’t find an answer. Suddenly, I have a Thick blinking cursor while using Writer. How can I change it back to a “regular” cursor? Please provide step by step instructions. It’s driving me crazy(ier)!

Press the Insert key, You are in overwrite mode. The insert key toggles the mode. There is a status indicator in the bottom window border. blank when in Insert mode, says Overwrite in overwrite mode.

Thank you, but… I’m always using Insert Mode and thought the cursor was much much thinner. It is, as you said, thinner in Insert, but something seems to have changed. Also, I don’t see a bottom window border when I’m on the document. Is there possibly something else I’ve done or I’m missing or a change in recent version update?

The “bottom window border” where information is displayed is called the status bar. It may be hidden/shown with View>Status Bar.

I’m wrong or the size of the cursor it’s setup up on the operating system.

YES, Perfect, that’s what I did and had to fix! Thanks to you and other person that replied. It’s back to what I remembered now!

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