Why can't I reopen my own closed question?

The information I am after specifically can be found in the comments section of this old question:


Hello appreciatethehelp, i think your original question was closed by the site administrator after you initially accepted an answer, i assume that only site administrators can reopen the questions that they closed.

Thanks you for your time, but I closed the question myself, and then realized that it wasn’t satisfactorily answered.

Today: karma 200 required to close and reopen questions.

Ciao, check what you can do with your karma. This is mine, for example:

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Great information, thank you.

Does anyone have an up to date list of the karmic requirements needed in order to perform all the different related functions? (please also include where such a list can be found) such as this list:

This list is obviously outdated as it says I need 50 karma to reopen my own closed questions, whereas my karma is 63 and I still can’t do that.