Why can't I save file if I add freeform draw over an imported svg image?

This message appears when using freeform line on an svg image in a Draw file - Error saving the document: Write Error. The file could not be written. The freeform line looks great, but if I draw over the existing image it will not let me save the file. I can draw anywhere and save the file, except over the image. Moses Comparison.odg

Upload a sample file, please. I’ve upvoted you so it should be possible to share the file…

Thank you for your help. Just before attaching the file to the original post, I tried drawing on the image again. I did get one little line to save on the sleeve of the image on the left. I tried to draw a little line on the ankle of the same image, but it would not save with that attempt.

Hi. I had a go drawing over over your svg with a few freeform lines (I did edit the points to match the line underneath) without any problems in saving it. LO 6.4.6 on Windows 10 Home 1909.

Weird stuff can happen if the user profile gets corrupted. Can you open Draw in Safe Mode (Help > Restart in Safe Mode) and see if you can save after drawing lines. If you can, then you need to reset your user profile. The way I have done it is to close all LO programs, find the user folder as described on the wiki and rename it to user[YYYYMMDD]. Start LO and make sure the problem is gone then close LO. Go back to the user[YYYYMMDD] folder and copy the Template, Aotucorrect, Autotext, wordbook folders into the newly generated user folder. If you fine you are missing anything else you can copy the appropriate folder back