Why can't LO paste text from other sources

I have tried numerous times to copy/paste text from many different sources like websites and everything else and sometimes it works, but 8 out of 10 times it pastes not the last but the previous text - no matter what I do.
And it is the same whether I paste normally or I paste unformatted.
And I have asked many times here and other places what I can do - without getting a useable answer.
Is it really not possible to get in contact with one of those who have made LO and ask them if it is really not possible to make it work or must I buy Word again?

I can’t tell you why, as this works on my computer without problems. So I would deny your assumption LO can not do it.
Anyway: There seems to be a problem wich may be solvable, but bugfixes are not done on the ask site:

Bugs should be submitted directly to Bugzilla at: Log in to Bugzilla

And while I never read the source of LibreOffice, I know developers need informations to find the reason of your problem. If you can’t provide more than you did, I’d suggest to study the price-list of M$.

So if you claim that I am lying I see no purpose in discussing more with you

@graverholt Wanderer accepts there can be an issue for some people and points you to the correct place to report the issue so you accuse him of lying. It makes it hard for people to want to help you

Please give a link to a web page that doesn’t paste and say what bit doesn’t paste

I do not accuse wanderer of lying, he accuses me of lying.
What do you mean with that: what bit doesn’t paste
Google Oversæt
Seneste Spørgsmål - Eksperten - Computerworld
Som Fanden læser Koranen - politiken.dk
Nyheder, sport og underholdning (ekstrabladet.dk)
Do you want more?

The first links had no problem with copy and paste

I used Firefox 109.0 web browser. Could it be a browser restriction?

I have also used different browsers

No, not of lying, but of using a not precise title: You asked (shortened) “why can’t LO paste text” while even you admit it works sometimes. And this leads to different approaches. Compare it to “there is no door” and “door is locked 8 of 10 times”.
In the first case we need to build a door or use better signs in the second webhave to find out where the key is or who locks the door.

It is possible, but I cannot understand what a communication with a developer would help, if the other side of the communication seems to lack basic knowledge like in

and does not seem to understand how detailed informations help to find the source of an error. If somebody showed me this thread and ask me “can you call that person to solve this” my answer would be “sure, but I expect a complete waste of my time”. (But I’m not always right and I already answered that part of the question.)
Error wich does not occur always are some of the hardest to find, especially when it is only a report from another computer. Concering the clipboard we have the additional problem of communication with a third-party system. Some of the reports seem to be solvable, when switching off additional cliipboard-managers, but if this applies to all cases?

Given these:

I’d assume tdf#148647


Would you be willing to walk us through the steps you are using? It may seem silly, but if you can tell (or show with screenshots) exactly what you’re doing, step by step, it should be easier to help you with a solution.

I is not so complicated:
I mark a text for instance on a website or in a LO document, click Ctrl-C and go to my LO document and click Ctrl-V or Edit → Paste or Edit → Paste Special → Paste unformatted text.
Sometimes it works, but 8 out of 10 times it pastes and old text that I have copied and not the last one that I want.
I use Windows 10. I cannot find which version of LO I am using.

Click Help - About LibreOffice, click the button next to Version Information to copy it to clipboard

Thank you (x86)

Sorry, but I’m afraid I’m stumped. The only thing I can even think of to suggest is a reboot. I used to be in IT, and I would describe unknown issues as “it got scared.” Things get screwed up in Windows for the weirdest reasons. If you haven’t tried rebooting, it’s worth a shot. If that doesn’t work, check LO to make sure you have the latest version. You can do that in the Help menu. The option at the bottom (About LibreOffice) will tell you the version, and Check for Updates is right above it.

Good luck. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

What do you mean with reboot?

Updated to the newest version, and the first 4 times was OK, but then the problem was there again.
I cannot understand why it is not possible to get in contact with a developer, I would suppose that they will be interested in developing a perfect peace of software. I was when I developed software many years ago. But times change :frowning:

Sorry for the delay in response. Life intruded. “Reboot” means to restart the computer.