Why DOCX document contains content hidden until Clear Direct Formatting selected?

This document caused a world of hurt to come down on me. Was emailed a docx file and I think verified as well in a doc file saved later. Opened the attachment with Libre and there is a nice white space on the paper that contains a paragraph pasted from another email source. This content is not visible and was missed at a critical moment. It wasn’t until later that I highlighted the white space and selected Clear Direct Formatting in the context menu did the content appear. I only knew it was there due to testing and switching to web view which also shows the content. The paragraph isn’t tagged as hidden. Why would Writer not at least echo back something to show that content was in that white space? Is there a setting that can be changed that will show all content on a document?

should be known that it crashed the current version of Writer. It opened in My assumption is that the content that is hidden in but causes the latest iteration to crash in a loop cycle if you try to recover.

This may be associated with another question just posted about SEH exception access violation. We had this same behavior from the latest installation but previous installs opened the document but had the Courier areas invisible. When I hightlighted the hidden area and changed the font from Courier to Courier-New everything was visible. This is not fixed in the latest installation given the client says it is current.