Why does Calc open all downloaded files as read-only?

Calc opens all files from the web as read-only, for example S&P500 stock prices from Yahoo Finance.



  1. Is this a feature or a bug?
  2. Why does Calc do this?
  3. How do I turn the feature off?

This is a feature - not a Calc feature but a browser feature. Calc isn’t the cuplrit since the file is saved read-only by the browser. So, all Calc can do is opening it read-only. The file is read-only on file-system level, and Calc can’t change this.

The reason for this browser behaviour is that if a users chooses to open the downloaded file immediately, it’s saved in a temporary folder and will be deleted anytime. So, if the users would modify that file, it’s quite probable that the changes will be lost.

So, if you want to work with the file you’ve downloaded (not just view/print it, but modify it), don’t selct “open with...” in the browser’s download dialogue, but “save target as...”, and open it manually after downloading it.