Why does LibreOffice not open network files on Kubuntu?

Mine is a Kubuntu 14.04 LTS laptop, upgraded from 12.04 LTS recently.

Using Samba share i am able to see all folders/files etc in networked computers.
I am able to open pdf/photo and lla files also.
while I am also able to cut/copy, paste and open MS office files, i am unable to click and open such files.
on clicking Libre office it acts as if it is opening but neither libre office nor the document opens.

How do I solve it?

I am a beginner with Linux.
I can use sudo commands.

But i do not know how to make changes in samba or anything, like changing the workgroup name etc in some global setting etc?

Please help step by step.

i am doing this as i would to replace all our existing XP systems with Linux/libre office.

thanks ain advance


OP: @ssmani46

Please search AskLibO - check these answers to start with:

The answer here provides specific command and package details. Because it is a KDE system, it is more likely a missing package (refer grey quoted content), rather than a configuration issue requiring a command.

The command given is

sed -i ‘s/X-GIO-NoFuse=true/#X-GIO-NoFuse=true/’ /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-*
with instruction to alter it suitably.

For an user name kubuntu and the shared folder Documents, is the following the correct command?

sed -i ‘s/X-GIO-NoFuse=true/#X-GIO-NoFuse=true/’ /kubuntu/home/Documents/libreoffice-*

Thank you

@ssmani46, no. The location should be where LO is installed, rather than the shared Documents directory. I would think Ubuntu and Kubuntu use the same location for applications, so try the command as suggested.