Why does Writer insist on printing envelopes in the wrong orientation?

Every time I try to print an envelope in Writer, it prints perpendicular to the envelope’s printable area. I have tried different chioces for Envelope Format, Envelope Orientation, Paper Size, Paper Orientation, Device Media Type, and even various settings in my CUPS printer properties. None of these things gets the text to print in the correct orientation. Is there some secret incatation someplace to make Writer print envelopes correctly?

LibreOffice, Ubuntu Linux 13.04 (saucy), Brother HL-5450DN

May I suggest you have a look at: What information should I include in a question in addition to OS and LibreOffice version? - #4 by ROSt53

I already included the LibreOffice version, my OS version, and my printer model. The language is the same language in which I asked my question: English. The problem occurs with all envelopes generated by Writer, not just with a particular document, so I don’t see any point in attaching an example file.

Without an example, it is hard to imagine what any of your envelopes looks like. Could you edit your question and add at least one combination of settings for envelope format, orientation, paper size and orientation, device media type and CUPS properties? That would make it a lot easier for others to try to reproduce your situation.