Why has LibreOffice Draw (which I don't use) hijacked all my PSD files, converting them to LibreOffice Draw files?

Why has Libre Office Draw (which I don’t use) hijacked all my PSD files, converting them to Libre Office Draw files? How do I stop Libre Office from doing this. Using Windows 10, thanks.

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LibreOffice does not associate itself with PSDs. It advertises its capability to handle that file type to the system though, so system knows which installed applications can open that file when you try opening it.

Everything else is up to your OS (Windows 10). If it tries to be helpful to you, telling you “there is a new application that can open this file type”, and you click on the message instinctively; or if the system tries to outsmart you by associating files that had no system associations previously, is outside of control of LibreOffice.

I adjusted some settings in Windows 10 and that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for your help Mike.


take a look at this:


Hope that helps.

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