Why have all my (saved) Writer documents shifted to the right-hand-side of my screen?

This will probably be a ridiculously obvious thing to resolve but being new to and rarely using Libreoffice it has me flummoxed. All my (saved)text documents have shifted to the right hand side of my screen and I have to scroll back left to get it in the centre of the screen. Don’t know how this happened it just did while I was typing away. Did I inadvertently hit a key? Even when I open a new doc it appears on the right. How do I shift it back to normal?

Question is duplicate of those here and here.

As far as I can see it, there are two possibilities:
1 - you just aligned by accident all text to the right side
2 - you changed by accident from left-to-right writing into right-to-left writing.

You can make simple test: add new characters into one of these files. When the characters move from right-to-left you know what has happened.

Should have switched to direction right-to-left, open Format > paragraph > alignment tab > Properties > text direction.

Please have a look at

libreoffice-writer new document begins on right side of screen.

thanks that’s it…must have accidently clicked the little icon at the foot of the page. Chhers