Why is base so slow in closing?

I am discovering many problems with the newest version of LibreOffice Base

  1. It is very slow in closing the data file even after no changes have been made. I am using a Macbook Pro 2016 that has lots of power resources. In older versions, there was a delay but not like now. It is so slow I end up attempting to close it a second or even third time.

  2. Did a complete uninstall and new installation of LibreOffice Base to see if that was the issue, ran all virus checks, cleaned up system. Still not running any better.

  3. Although I have spent lots of time in the older version with no problem I am starting to doubt the value of the newer version, and wondering if there are still some bugs in the newer version, and should have not changed.

  4. Is anyone really having similar problems. I had hoped to use LibreOffice Base as my main data control system, but I am finding it too frustrating and taking up time researching possible solutions to just get it running consistently, so I can depend on it now and in the future.

Meaningful help would be appreciated, not just guesses.

I think there is a saving bug in Base for 5.3. A couple of us have rolled back to using 5.2 for now.

For me, no delay with LO Base when quitting (cmd-Q) or closing (cmd-W) data files in my Mac OS ‘El Cap’ setup - it’s almost instantaneous. But note, I only use ‘split’ datafile configurations and NOT the ‘embedded’ default where the Base datafile is really a ZIP file and (I assume) has to be re-ZIPPED on closing/quitting which would take time and might be the source of your problem (at least in LO Base 5.3.x).

QUESTIONS: Any bug reports abut this? How big is your datafile? Have you tried re-setting your USER PROFILE or COMPRESSING your database file using the ‘CHECKPOINT DEFRAG’ SQL command?

Make sure you keep a backup copy of your Base file just in case your database file is (or gets) corrupted.