Why is "Corner radius" greyed out for rectangles in Draw?

The documentation states that corner radius is only available for rectangles, but when drawing a rectangle, it is still greyed out. How do I make it so I can round the corners? I know I can place the rounded rectangle and drag the dot to adjust the radius, but I need to make it an exact measurement.

LibreOffice has changed the kind of rectangle in the default drawing toolbar. Now the provided rectangle is one of the kind “custom shape”. You see the text “shape selected” for such kind of shape. For this kind of shape the property “rounded corner” is not available, instead a dedicated custom shape “rounded rectangle” is available from the sub-toolbar “Basic shapes”.

To get the primitive rectangle, open the Rectangles toolbar via View > Toolbars. If you need this kind of rectangle often, you should customize the drawing toolbar. You will find two entries called “rectangle”, one is a single rectangle and the other is the sub-toolbar. The same applies to the ellipse.

It seems you are using a rectangular shape with rounded corners already. In this case the radius field is greyed out.

My test with LibO showed no problem. I did following steps:

  • Draw your rectangular shape without rounded corners
  • Right click on the shape
  • Select Postion and Size
  • Click tab Slant & Corner Radius
  • Enter the value you need
  • Click OK

If this is not the solution, then please report what you are doing. Please advice steps and results in detail.

The problem is that the rectangle you get using the Draw toolbar at the bottom of the screen (“Basic shapes”) is different from the one you get using the rectangles toolbar. Use the latter to get control over the radius.