why is update deleting all my links, etc?!

Update deleted all my shortcuts, all memory to all my documents, all my pined icons… everything I had done! It left no memory to anything! This is the second time and the WORSE time.
Why must I redo everything every time I update?
Is there a way to get an update without loosing everything?

Which UPDATE do you mean?
Is it a Windows update, LibreOffice software version update, or others?
What operating system and which version of the LibreOffice are you using?

LibreOffice update is Deleting my shortcuts set up to work in LibreOffice!
And, today AFTER repeatedly Crashing and I updated LibreOffice to try to stop the Crashing… it DELETED not just my recreated shortcuts… but a whole Week of Saved Work in my documents! I can’t find the lost work! MUST I find another software to Write in? This is Terrible.

That may be the result of a reset of the user profile by the update of LibreOffice on its own. It’s probably a good idea to make a back-up of your user profile before updating LibreOffice.
See Settings Not Saved on Upgrade for a discussion of the same problem.

Why did it Delete a week of Work on my documents? They were Saved! Now it looks like nothing happened this last week.

It didn’t delete anything, except its memory of what you have been doing. Navigate to the folder where you save your work, and you will find everything in order.

No…I went to the folder and the data is gone [it had the correct date, but the file was from a week ago] and everytime I try to correct this comment, it changes what I put in. I’m just sick about all this.

And, I just checked the link to save the profile and can’t make heads or tails of it. I use Windows 10 and don’t know how to do this. Maybe my age is why I’m missing all this…

From the link @floris_v provided…
you can jump straight to the wiki link.
The wiki link is this one.

From there, you go into the Windows section, and it mentions:

%APPDATA%\libreoffice\4\user (LibreOffice 4 to 7)

That means, you open File Explorer in Windows, and go:
→ File Explorer → This PC → Windows (C:) → Users → blr(YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_HERE) → AppData → LibreOffice → 4

alternately, you might have
Windows (C:) → Users → blr(YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_HERE) → AppData → Roaming → LibreOffice → 4

Inside that directory, you’ll have YOUR PERSONAL “user” directory.
Back that guy up once you have your settings as desired.
Place it wherever (Documents, emailed to yourself, etc).

If LibreOffice in the future once again blows up your user’s configuration, then just take your copy of your “user” directory, and copy it into the directory above.

Sounds like it might be:

  • A Windows user profile issue.

  • OneDrive deleting documents. Look in your online Onedrive recycling bin

Thanks for the comment… I don’t use one drive.

Thank you… if I can find a way to get Malwarebytes to accept my continuing to use libreoffice… then I will definitely try your detail and much more helpful suggestions!!!
Now, Malwarebytes is convinced that libreoffice is too dangerous to use! I’ve tried to bypass it everyway and the ONLY way it works is to Shut Down Malwarebytes which is NOT an option.

Really appreciate your help. I will save your detail…

If you used Microsoft’s defaults when setting up your computer, then you do have OneDrive and it is active.

OK. It sounds like Malwarebytes has been blocking LibreOffice from saving to disc. You need to make an exception for soffice.bin (path probably C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.bin) to allow libreoffice to write to disc.
Don’t worry about my previous suggestions, Malwarebytes blocking is by far most likely the reason for your work still being a week old.

If it was my choice, I would dump Malware bytes.

In choosing between LibreOffice and malware bytes?
Hands down, I would dump out malware bytes.

I don’t know your use case, yet Window’s security nowadays is pretty decent.