Why isn't the File Name in the Title Bar when using LibreOffice in Chromebook?

The Document File Name is not in the Title Bar. Nothing is in the Title Bar. I’ve never had this problem when using Windows; but, this is Chromebook.

What do I do to get the File Name to appear? I am not a techy and this is hard for me.

Where did you download LibreOffice from?
Which LibreOffice version do you use?

wich may be the actual reason:
See: Missing Document Name - #10 by Wanderer


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I believe I went to the LibreOffice site and got the latest version…last month.

Thank you for the links. I’m starting to think it’s all becoming too complex for me. I lost my desktop computer in the heat and was given this Chromebook. I’m grateful for it; but, it is not simple!