Will not copy text

Sometimes LibreOffice will not paste what I have just copied, but paste a text that I have copied earlier and keeps doing so. What is wrong?

Would you please give some more informaion of the problem, e.g. provide step-by-step explanations on how to reproduce the problem? Also indicate the LibreOffice version you use.

From what you have explained above, I assume you are trying to copy paste in the Base module. But it is not clear where the text is copied from, and unclear whether the same copied text would be successfully pasted in other softwares such as a text editor or Firefox. It is also not clear whether you can copy paste the same text in other modules such as Calc or Writer.


The problem happens in Writer
It happens from time to time, for instance if I copy from a web site
I can very well copy into other programs
But now it works again - and then in ½ hour the problem is there again

I think you may change the category of this post to English so that more people can read this question.

What doyou mean change he category?

You posted the question in the “简体中文” (i.e Simplified Chinese) category, while you are asking in English. You may edit your question to change the categry to English. The English categry has more people involved answering questions thus your question may be answered more quickly.

Also note that the information you provided is not detailed enough. Without sufficient information it is difficult for people to provide advices or answers. For instance, in my first comment I suggested that you provide e.g. the LibreOffice version you use, but you did not provide in your reply. You may find the version information in Help > About LibreOffice.

Sorry, I hadn’t noticed there are different languages, and I would not call them categories.
The information IS detailed enough. Several people have understood it.

Fine. Enjoy waiting then.

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I just changed category to English, and retagged as writer.