Windows 10 Release 2004 Problem

I am running LibreOffice (x64) (Build ID: 3d775be2011f3886db32dfd395a6a6d1ca2630ff) on Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS build (19041.329). After using any of the tools, after a few minutes, the drop-down menus are blank. They start out with the normal sub-menu items at first. This problem is very repeatable except for the number of minutes or operations before the drop-down menu goes blank.

Is there some way I can log information so I can determine what is causing the problem I am soon going to be forced to abandon LibreOffice.

Go into menu Tools | Options under LibreOffice click on OpenCl and untick the box that says Allow use of OpenCL, OK out. See if that fixes the problem. Cheers, Al

@EarnestAl: OpenCL has nothing to do with drawing the menus. OpenGL affects that. It’s on Options->LibreOffice->View.

Whoops. My apologies to everyone. Al

Yikes & hello to @griz

My last exposure to supporting Windows was with Vista. I’ll offer help where I can.

Make sure that your Windows is fully updated.

  • Safe Mode Startup (help on SM)
    (use the start menu entry “LibreOffice (Safe Mode)” on Windows) to see if your User Profile (link near top) is corrupted.

If starting in Safe Mode fixes the issue then your problem is a corrupt User Profile, and you need to reset it. Backup the folder first so that you can save/restore any personal items later. With versions earlier than v5.3 the fix is to stop LO, rename that User Profile folder & restart, which auto-regenerates a default UP.

  • You may need to try switching off the use of Hardware Acceleration (menu:Tools|Options|LibreOffice|View) and/or OpenGL (see @mikekaganski comments to your OP). Use SM to do that (previous bullet-point).

(My system: LO Version: under Devuan Linux 2.1 (ascii))

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