Windows 11 - File Explorer - Search Contents fails

Q: Why windows 11 - File Explorer - Unable to search for content of LibreOffice documents?
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EDIT @Hrbrgr , 20221227, 20.25 :
Win 11 does not find documents in .xlsx
Valid tag: Calc
Version: LibreOffice_7.4.0_Win_x64 (1)

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Win 11 does not find documents in .xlsx
Valid tag: Calc
Version: LibreOffice_7.4.0_Win_x64 (1)

XLSX is not a LibreOffice file format; LibreOffice only includes an Explorer extension that enables search in ODF files.

Maybe I don’t quite understand, but I see these files in .xlsx

Look closely: LibreOffice is registered as the program to be used when the user asks to OPEN an .xslx-file. Nothing more.
It is also stated correctly .xlsx is a file-format used/defined by MS-Excel.
Searching contents from explorer uses different tools. A module is usually added to Explorer, when you install Excel, as LibreOffice does for its own formats.

Check this:

Or try google for more I used:
win10 index xlsx files

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Until you enable visibility of file extensions, you will be at a big disadvantage in trying to identify files. Open Explorer window and click View > Show > File name extensions

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I’ve done everything, but it doesn’t help. By file name search is possible, but no content search.

To show extensions is a good idea, but does not help in searching content, as Windows-Explorer has always known about the ectension it was hiding.

Then there is nothing more to do.
Maybe there are other worlds, where IFilters fill tables in the MS-Index and Windows can be configured to search in files, even in not-indexed folders.

Maybe there are also ways to extend “everything”. I read the universe is expanding…

As correctly mentioned by @Wanderer, if you tried everything, then nothing can help. But just to make sure: have you tried the advice from the link that @Wanderer posted, which started with “Installed the Microsoft filter packs on the client”?

Yes, I also tried this method and as you can see above, I provided a screenshot of the search by file names (xlsx). But the main problem has not been solved because I still can’t find files by content.

Then please ask at some appropriate site regarding how to install and configure Microsoft filters on Microsoft Windows to enable indexing of content of Microsoft file formats. This is not related to LibreOffice, so basically an off-topic here, because LibreOffice does not provide tools for what you need.