Writer 6.2 default formatting stuck

I’ve clicked some mysterious keys by accident. Now, when I open a new text document in Writer 6.0 the text size is huge, even though the display says font size is 10. Existing documents are fine, as they were. I’ve updated Libre Office, rebooted, changed font and size, can’t find the way to reset to defaults. I’m running W10, 64 bit …

Me too! The document opens in gigantic size with a header. I have no zoom slider anywhere on the page. I changed the default font and re-installed LO.
I am trying to manage by selecting the smallest font and font size, and sliding the page sizer at the top, to fit my screen.

Try Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in or out. If you can’t see a zoom slider in the right-hand bottom corner, enable View - Status Bar.

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Someone on the LO website asked for an upload. I couldn’t find the way to do that so I am sending you an upload to play with. Thanks for your help!


@Saffire: your zoom level in the sample file is set at 334%. Follow @floris_v’s advice.

Other than that, your sample file is of the poorest technical quality: everything is Default Paragraph Style, i.e. you don’t use the style feature; you space vertically with empty paragraph; you space horizontally with tabs or spaces and you manually modified indents instead of doing so with a dedicated style.

In other words, you’re heading towards big troubles when it comes to finalising your book formatting and layout.

I recommend you read the Writer Guide and particularly the chapters about styles (all of them, not only paragraph styles).

I appreciate your help very much, but there is no zoom function on the page, so it is impossible to adjust. I have a slider on the spreadsheet, but not on a regular document page.
I will read the “writer” document you suggest to hopefully locate the zoom slider.

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I called my Lenovo computer tech support who led me to the widows “magnifier”, but it was off and so that didn’t help.
I downloaded and opened the writer instructional document and found the “command prompt” tool on pg 11. I typed in “zoom” and found a widow showing the magnification to be over 338% I believe it was.
Now I know where to find it. (I have no idea how that zoom function got changed in the first place.)
Thanks for your response. I donated $25 today.

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If the font still says 10 pts, then the culprit is the zoom level. At the bottom right of Writer’s window you’ll find the zoom controls: change it back to 100%.

If that’s not the case, please upload a sample file with the problem.

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Thanks. Yes, the zoom. Never noticed that before. Always something new to learm.

Zoom is set to 100% and same issue happen here. The styles support is faulty here I think.

Little bit of criticism. I understand bugs but having more than 1 report about bugh of this severity means auto-removal of binaries available for download until bug is fixed.

Oh really? Do you have a working solution for PEBKAC?

@Mike2: why this kind of attitude? Following your way, Im entitled to ask are you moron? Same level of “friendliness”…

Hmm. Somehow I magnified new docusment so 550%. I noticed, moved the slider back to 100? What made that happen?

Ctrl and mouse scroll triggers document zooming, also Ctrl + combination. Or maybe just a click that went to the wrong point: it happens to me a lot :slight_smile:

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