Writer adding span style font size to every paragraph

I compose things in Writer that I publish on a blog. I do a little of the formatting in Writer (mostly bold, italic, that sort of thing), and then what I think of as the “web formatting” once the document is pasted into the blog. Problem: for the last four or five months, anything new that I have written in that time has HTML that prevents things I add from displaying correctly. Specifically, when I highlight something had change it from paragraph to Heading 2, the size does not change. When I got into HTML, I find invariably that the reason is that LibreOffice has added “span style font size=medium” tags around every block of text.

kind of like this...

The above is after pasting the review into the blog, highlighting the post title, and changing it to h2.

If there is text from before whatever changed in the document, it does not have this. Also, text copied and pasted from old documents into new ones do not have the attribute added to them.

Anyone seen this before/know how to get rid of it? (Apologies if this has been asked and answered, and I was just dumb with my search terms) Thanks!

The question How do I export a clean html file? seems related.
For your question, though, could you add your operating system, version(s) of LibreOffice and the file formats that you save your work in? Also, could you clarify whether you are talking about new files, (HTML?) files that you are editing or both? Have you tried using character styles for emphasis instead of plain bold/italics adding?

Apparrently this happens with every XML based word processor, the same thing occurs woth OpenOffice.org and the only reliable fix is find & replace in an editor or using sed and regular expressions.