Writer - Border and text multiple pages

I Want to do 2 things, put a border around each page using the shapes and then add text to pages.
At the moment I do all the text and try to load the border for each page. Get bad results trying to cut/paste the border ending up with 2 borders. Try to delete one and end with more border on page and also following pages
How do I set up to have each page come up with the border automatically. As I go to next page to add text it will come up with the border first and then I can add the text.

Charles Harris

Right click on the Default Page Style (or whatever other page style you may be using) in the Styles deck of the Sidebar and select Modify…

Go to the Borders tab and set up your border. It will appear on every page of your document using that page style.

If the border is an image you want to use as a border, go to the Area tab and set the image as a background image. Again, the image-background will appear on every page using that page style.


Hi TXDon
Thanks for that. Learnt a lot about style in going thru all the options.
One last question with a rectangle border, is it feasible to have ‚Äėrounded corners‚Äô ?

Charles in New Zealand

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Presently, no. A workaround is to use a background image.

EDIT See attachment

AreaBackgroundRectangleRoundedCornersV2.odt (27.3 KB)

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Kool. That is what I want.
But where does that rectangle with the corners come from ? I need to be able edit the color and width of line.
Sorry for too many questions. 78 years old and brain a bit foggy!

Charles Harris

What I did:

  • start a drawing (LibreOffice Draw) - page margins 1 cm each side (default)
  • draw a rectangle with rounded corners within ‚Äúprintable area‚ÄĚ
  • format the rectangle (line width, sort of line; area/background could be white)
  • export to svg format as single files (for different purposes)
    ** entire page (border of 1 cm)
    ** selection (no borders)
  • import in Writer document (menu Format | Page Style | Area | Image | Add/Import | Stretched
  • set [x] Background covers margins (menu Format | Page Style | Page | Layout Settings)

If svg file was exported as ‚Äúselected‚ÄĚ (= no white surroundings) you can use this for simple anchoring in header/footer (anchored to paragraph), set wrapping to background, enlarge to more than text area.

This is what you see in my sample file…

I appreciate using brains after being retired (and do this as well as you do). :wink:
Cheers (Peter from Germany)

Hi Peter

Thanks very much for that. I will give it a try today. Enjoy the n ew week.

Charles (not King Charles!)