Writer component crashing, others OK


Fedora Linux 32 (this is release number, not # of bits, x86_64)

Kernel 5.7.11, KDE Plasma desktop

All of a sudden, Writer crashed. I relaunched the app. It notified me it would try to recover (on Untitled 1, which I don’t care). I discarded the recovery, but it crashed again without opening any window.

As consequence, I cannot restart in safe mode from Writer because I have no menu bar.

I can launch Calc or Draw (not using the others) and they open normally. If I Help>Restart in safe mode to discard my user profile, Calc or Draw is restarted. File>New>Text Document will cause again a crash.

I tried soffice --writer --safe-mode --norestore from the console. I can then “Continue in safe mode” and get an Untitled 1 window. On the contrary, if I “restart in standard mode”, I enter a safe mode restart loop.

I rebooted the PC but when up again, I was back in the loop.

In a desperate attempt, I “lorem”'ed the empty document and saved. Apparently I could escape the loop. Now I can launch as usual from the application menu or double-click on a document.

Any idea what happened? Reminder: I was working in another app (Firefox), no system crash, no other application crash, no reboot nor stop for several days.

Also, how can I reload my user profile from the backup?

Edit: don’t worry for the last question, I lost the backup during the safe-mode loop.