Writer: hidden text not showing

LO, Fedora 32, kernel 5.7.11, KDE Plasma desktop

I routinely use hidden text (through a dedicated character style) to hide from printing ancillary information, such as a header content different from the corresponding heading. The hidden sequence is a source for a field inserted somewhere else.

To be able to edit and proof read my document, Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>View, Hidden text is enabled in Display fields.

Yesterday, I had an unexplained crash of LO (see this question) which, after a series of mistakes, caused my user profile to be wiped out. I reconfigured it today and everything is apparently back to my preferences, but for hidden text display.

Whatever I do in Tools>Options or in the View menu (notably View Formatting Marks) has no effect.

There is no LO update between the crash and now, nor in the OS or desktop manager.

What have I disregarded?

PS: of course, if I modify the character style to remove the hidden attribute, the sequence becomes visible.

May be an innocent question:

In menu Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer, have you checked both…?

  • Formattig Aids - Hidden characters below Display formatting
  • View - Hidden text below Display fields

@LeroyG; yes, I carefully checked everything before posting here (considering my karma, I don’t want to blush and be ashamed because I left aside an obvious option). This is a mystery for me. I think my asymmetric crash (Calc and Draw still worked perfectly after it) damaged more things in the configuration I can imagine. I’ll maybe make up my mind to fully erase ~/.config/libreoffice/ (not even going down to …/4/user/ to make sure), exit my account and reboot the computer.

It surely is something very subtle because my other accounts are fine and even more complex documents than those present in my “every-day” account.

This is not a solution but an “ersatz”.

Tired of looking for the cause of the mishap, I deleted the user configuration directory ~/.config/libreoffice/.

After reloading LO and reconfiguring my profile, everything works as I expect (apparently; now stressing the app to check).