Writer: Endnote link pointer disappeared

I edited the style of the Endnote Anchor to make it easier to see, but now the cursor doesn’t change when I hover over the anchor in the text or the link back to the text in the endnote, it remains the I bar. The hyperlink to the Endnote and back to the text still works but is less easy to use because of this. The uploaded example shows this behaviour.

I can’t see any setting that changes the shape of the cursor when it hovers over endnote anchors?

Endnote example.odt

No problem here with Cursor changes for “hand”.

Remark: your “captions for figures” look like a numbered list but are manually numbered (not a real issue but what if you add a new figure in-between?). The bad point is indenting the numbers with spaces. Spaces are not guaranteed to have the same width from line to line (this is a “no-character” replaced by variable spacing once other formatting have been computed).

I am using (x64) and it definitely behaves as I describe, but you say that with the example document that I uploaded behaves correctly?

I don’t understand your remark, the “captions for figures” is not something I have ever touched so these are not my settings, is this not the default?

Yes your document behaves correctly here. An upgrade of my computer is planned. Perhaps, I’ll get a 7.1.x release. I’ll check if this is the case.

“Cpations for figures”: my remark suggests you can have a more reliable and stable formatting if you apply some user-tuned style instead of the current manual formatting. You should report it to the author or fix it yourself if you know how to do it.

Computer upgraded to

Now cursor does not change to hand when hovering over note anchor or note number.

This looks like a regression bug. File a bug report at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/.

Yes, I have on my laptop and the cursor does change to hand when hovering over note anchor or note number. Bug tdf#142167 has been successfully created.

Where do I find the “captions for figures” setting that you commented about?

It looks to me that the list of “Captions for Figures” is something extracted for you the text you removed to make the sample file. It likely refers to figures which have been captioned (at least I hope it was not made manually). Such a list is better collected using Insert>TOC & Index>TOC, Index or Bibliography selecting Table of Figures. This is preferable to manual creation because it guarantees it will always by synced with text. Also, the list of figures is consistently styled, avoiding all alignment issues with spaces.

This will work only if the captions have been paragraph-styled Figure which occurs automatically when captions are created with Insert>Caption on an image. Also, Insert>Caption automatically takes care of numbering, i.e. if you later insert another figure between two existing ones, they will all be renumbered to maintain consistency.

I cannot comment more without insight on the real content of the document.

Thanks. Actually there are no figures at all in the original document, the only things other than text are the endnotes, which I gathered at the end of a section so that I could add the title “Endnotes”.