Writer endnotes: some workaround (even via code) to add a title to endnotes?

looking around the world the impossibility to add a title to endnotes is known problem.

I’ve already read suggestion about use the header part of page, but I’ve 6 pages of endnotes!
I really need to add a heading.

Anyone have some trick?

Link: How to add text above the first endnote?


  1. Please mention some references to the topic you are talking about as if everyone is familiar with. Any bug #? any Q&A here on the site? whatever - it could be helpful to see and try to help.
  2. Doesn’t setting next style in Endnotes page style help to have a header on the endnotes’ first page?

@mikekaganski: I made a test with Endnote page style followed by new Endnote Next page style (pointed to from “Next Style”) so that I have different header heights: a large one in Endnote for regular header and room for headings and other text if needed; a “standard” one in Endnote Next for only regular header.

It seems there is a bug in Endnote page style because Next Style field is not honoured. Here LO I’ll file a bug report with a sample file.

Hi Mike, I’ve add some links.
I’ve already tried with your approach… and also for me didn’t work. The page style remain the same for all Endnotes page.

Thank you

It actually works. But there is a bug, true: it needs a reload.

See tdf#129015

Oh!!! now I’ve understood!
Very strange behavior
Thank’s a lot!
any way… 183 end notes… maybe I’ve used too many hyperlink…

It isn’t a matter of number of endnotes. 183 is relatively a reasonable amount. It is a dysfunction of page management when needing more than one page.

at now it doesn’t work. :frowning:

MoreOver I need to add pages after endnotes and this answer doens’t work LibreOffice Writer placing endnotes on new page after last page footer