Writer-full screen still shows a "full screen" button

above is a quick image showing what I’m sure I won’t explain very well. When I go into full screen (ctl+shft+J) I get a beautifully full screen (web view of course) But there is this pesky little box that says “full screen” and it won’t go away. ARGH!! I fully admit that i’m only tech enough to get myself in trouble (i’ve been trying for weeks to put PhoenixOS on my laptop–to complete and utter failure lol) So if it requires tech stuff then I will need it in simplistic terms and bullet points =)) My libreoffice is

Version: Build ID: 2b7f1e640c46ceb28adf43ee075a6e8b8439ed10

Thank you for any help you can give. I’m trying to be creative and i need to give myself as few distractions as possible (and don’t even talk about trying to use master documents lol)



Full screen mode is not intended for “presentation mode”. It is to maximize work area; but it’s necessary to provide means to user to be able to exit this mode. The button is meant for that. You are expected to move it to a place where it doesn’t hide much; but it should stay to let you return from full-screen to normal view.

@MikeKaganski “but it should stay to let you return from full-screen to normal view.”, don’t borther me. I know the shortcut, people who want “that box” to be removed knows the shortcut. Why are u making it so hard? If its possible to remove that “stupid box”, than let him. (And above instruction is not precise about the direction. Could u help me point it out?)

Are you trying to tell that it’s me “guilty” with something? or otherwise, why would you tell me something like “Why are u making it so hard?”?

Sorry, Mike. But your answers are always like “its a rule, u should follow the default rules, don’t modify” type. (So it really piss me off). Sorry. But can u answer the last question, “not precise about the direction” like menu View > Toolbars > Customize > Full Screen (deselect)

My answers are not always like that - and if you happen to see some of that kind, it doesn’t mean you saw them all (or have you?)

Actually I see that simply docking the fullscreen toolbar and then exiting and re-entering the full screen mode does hide it for me.

Mike kaganski, u are a nice guy. Actually, u r the great guy. It’s just,… when a user wants something, let him be, Tell him if possible. Don’t tell him rules. (It’s my personal opinion. I am still learning. And thanks to you, u helped me a lot)

When user asks how to do something, and it’s because that was some conscious decision, I describe that reason to user. That is the correct thing to do - so that user is informed why it is so; and also has some background what to consider if one wants to change something. Without that understanding, user’s proposals would be “blind” and likely to overlook the aspects taken into account when the decision was made. I might agree with that decision, or I might disagree - that doesn’t matter when I describe that.

When someone reads that description, and only sees “rules”, and doesn’t try to think that in the world of free software, there are no “rules”, only accepted status, then that person should first educate oneself before trying to teach me how to answer. When one understands that one is always free to propose something to change (using bug tracker), or even come with a change itself; can contribute and discuss - I suppose, that person would’n “piss off”.

Would you please be so kind to tell me where e.g. in Ersatz Header Field did I tell users “rules”, when I went so far to create a minimal reproducer and file a bug report for that user myself?

u r right. (When we go to “Customize” section, there are “Menus,Toolbars, Context Menus,Keyboard & Events” options. When do i go and deselect it?)

Did you try my suggestion from above:

Actually I see that simply docking the fullscreen toolbar and then exiting and re-entering the full screen mode does hide it for me.

wow, that is so easy. Thanks, Mike. (But it should be more permanent For that, we need to use the above instruction, So, it will never appears.)

Yes, you can (hide “full screen” box).


menu View > Toolbars > Customize > Full Screen (deselect)


in full screen mode right click on full screen box > Customize…

For better viewing it maybe suitable to uncheck (View menu) rulers.

To show the full screen box proceed the other way round (menu View)… probably you have to close and to restart the document editing.