Writer function to remove cropped image parts?

When I insert an image into a LO Writer document and then crop parts of the image, the orginal image is still part of the document and can be restored any time using right clip + “properties > (tab “crop”) > original size” (translated from German LO). This could be a problem regarding file size + data protection in general, but also leads to unwanted effects (e.g. with right click > compress) etc.
In this case I made a screenshot from LO Writer window, changed it to “anchored as character” and cropped it, so that the image only showed an icon in the icon bar.
I’m looking for a way to permanently remove the cropped parts of the image - like function “compress” does in MS Word 2016 (but obviously not in LO Writer 30 / Linux Mint 19.2 / both in German).

Always optimize the images before you insert them into an ODF document. Use third party free (or non-free) image editors.

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Within LibreOffice you have two options.

Example Screenshot

  1. you crop the image.


Then right-click on the crop and choose “Save” from the context menu.

Confirm that only the selection is saved.

  1. select the cropped image and choose File>Export

from the menu. Click on “Selection” in the dialog and select PNG.

Otherwise follow the suggestion of @Zizi64

Quick workaround

You easily can really (!) crop an image… in Draw.

  • Insert image (as image/bitmap) in Draw

  • Crop image - cut/copy into clipboard

  • Insert (paste special) from Clipboard into Draw or Writer as a bitmap

  • The originally hidden parts of the image are removed

Otherwise use @Zizi64 's procedure. In many/most cases a good hint. If you want to export your documents into PDF format I strictly recommend not to use simply cropped images but to use really cropped ones.