Writer Hidden Text Not Showing

Not sure if it’s a bug as I’ve run into two issues with today
The hidden text issue is similar to Writer: hidden text not showing however, my issue came about from realizing that I needed to click OK in lieu of just clicking apply to see if the change took. I think this is a bug, but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue

Please edit your question to better explain the context and circumstances.

In my case, I had a crash. Everything went back to normal after wiping out my user profile.

Under Tools–>Options, the “APPLY” button is not working. In order for a setting to take, I have to hit “OK”. I think it’s a bug as I don’t recall this in previous versions.
BTW, I was turning on “show hidden text features” with the new install. I was hitting apply to confirm the setting took and nothing, until I hit OK

I don’t understand where the “show hidden text features” is. Tools>Options opens a dialog where you select a subset of settings in the expandable list at left. Do you mean something in LibreOffice Writer>Print? or >View? or >Formatting Aids? Some settings are duplicated in LibreOffice Writer/Web.

Please be more descriptive.

@ajlittos when changing settings, any settings such as OPTIONS, the settings are supposed to be implemented when you click APPLY without closing the OPTIONS dialog box. This is NOT happening. I have to click OKwhich closes me out of the OPTIONS dialog box. this is not standard behavior in other programs, thus the question

Your question is not clear at all about which setting you want to change. If I understand right your comment mentioning Options (in fact Tools>Options), there is no Apply button in this dialog. So, your question is probably “Why?”

The other “formatting” dialogs like those related to “styling” or those in Format menu change settings applied to the document. These settings are supposed to have immediate visual effect and there is an Apply button to see this effect and eventually fix it if it is not satisfactory.

The settings in Tools>Options change the behaviour of the application. Even if some of them indirectly change formatting settings like LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (xxx), they are not supposed to act on the document, at least “locally”. Their effect is global. They will not change document contents. Consequently, there is no point to present an Apply button.

These settings are not saved in the document but in your user profile.

And if you change some very fundamental settings, you are required to restart the application for them to take effect.

This is not a bug. If you consider an Apply button should be present in the Tools>Options dialog, you can submit a feature request at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/. But it should be well argumented and reference this question. In particular, address the behaviour of the settings which require restart.

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