Writer: How to hide the notebook bar?

I’m using the notebook bar, which is so much neater and easier to use than the standard layout (which is IMHO a huge mess!) However, in M$ Office there’s an option to hide this ribbon by double-clicking on any open category (i.e. File, Home, Insert etc.) Here this seems to be lacking and the ribbon is constantly there and takes space. Can it be hidden somehow or can the feature be implemented?

Also, when is the notebook view going to become official, rather than “experimental”?

One additional thing - it would be nice if there was an option to switch back and forth between the Notebook Bar and the standard view, since many people seem to be using the old view still, even though I like the Notebook Bar much better.

In order to get the latest improvements for the Notebookbar, upgrade to LO 6 if you haven’t yet.

When the View tab is active, there is a menu in the upper right-hand area of the window. See if you like how it looks when View → Notebook Bar → Tabbed Compact is chosen. Or try one of the other views.

To go back to the standard view, go to View → Toolbar Layout → Default.

To switch back and forth between two views, record a macro and then going to Tools → Customize to set it up to run on a keypress. This handles many different types of views.

Cusomizing a keypress based on existing menu commands, on the other hand, seems to be rather limited in the view settings it can handle. Not sure why that is the case.

Also, when is the notebook view going to become official, rather than “experimental”?

To get an idea of the ongoing work on the Notebookbar, see Development/NotebookBar - The Document Foundation Wiki.

Hey, thanks for the answer! I tried the Tabbed Compact options and it looks a little bit better, since it takes less space. However, the best would be to have the Tabbed normal, but be able to close it when typing and none of the actions available in there are used. Do you know if one can discuss this with the developers somewhere?

See Where to place an enhancement request?.