Writer memory leak (LibreOffice 7.3.0)

Every time I use LibreOffice Writer, it uses too much memory and crashes. I have 8 page document with 378 words and 5 shapes filled with gradient. I didn’t have such issue with old LibreOffice, but right after I upgraded to latest version, I can’t use it anymore. It just freezes once I scroll down, even without writing anything new. Document is in .odt format.

I tried restarting laptop as well as software reinstall - it didn’t help.

From the screenshot, I bet you’re under Windows. But this doesn’t tell which “latest version” is installed. “Latest” is a relative notion depending on the OS, or rather the distribution and the reactivity of maintainers. So better to quote exactly what Tools>About Lo says.

Please, edit your question to provide additional details.

I’m on Windows 10, LibreOffice

I can create a Writer document a described and I see 297MB memory use. The high memory use might be an indication of a corrupted user profile in your installation.

Try opening the file in LO Safe Mode and checking memory: click Help > Restart in Safe mode > Continue in safe mode, open the file from there and check memory. If OK then you probably need to reset your user profile.
I prefer the manual method of closing LO, then renaming the user folder and then copying back the folders such as template, autocorrect, wordbook, etc. but not config into the new user folder created on restart of LO.


I’m using v. x64 on Windows 7, and have the same problem. There is a BAD memory leak, and also it is a CPU hog.

I was hoping to grab the latest bits and hopefully solve the problem, but it looks like at least the memory leak still exists.

Are we sure this code does not have an embedded bitcoin miner? There is no good reason for using these kinds of resources for rendering text files or a spreadsheet.

What steps have you taken so far?

Same here with under win11
I’ve opened a document, working on it and I constantly see used memory growing. Starts from around 200 Mb and grows until freeze and full of physically available memory.
Even simply using the window moving slider on the right makes it grow.
Recreating user profile (without config) didn’t solve the problem, but it’s interesting that this bug doesn’t occur in safe mode of LO

Writer memory leak seen in LibreOffice also.
When editing or even just scrolling, used memory keeps increasing until at 80% of 32 GB, it locks up LO and crashes Windows 11. I had hoped that by this version that the issue had been found and resolved. What else could be causing this major memory leak?

A crash while scrolling is often a graphics issue. If you click Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and tick the box Force Skia software rendering does the problem resolve itself?

Thank you.
Tools - Options - LibreOffice - View and tick the box Force Skia software rendering

Now when I scroll in my 5 page document, the amount of used memory changes, but very slightly.

My wife has, and that version is ticked by default. Version LibreOffice 7.3.0 should be also. To save users hours of hassle, could the next version enable this by default?

You should report a bug if you want something done, see How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Note that some graphics devices/drivers seem to be on a deny list, see Bug 141980 - Writer ‘smooth scroll’ choppy with Skia/Vulkan Intel UHD Graphics 630 and 0.402.1274 driver

I have an Intel UHD 620 which was a bit buggy and the Acer software said I had latest drivers but they were very early drivers. I looked and found a newer driver on the Acer site. After installing that performance improved and now I get regular updates from Intel.

Such issue is most likely to happen on some corner cases, when a specific combination of elements (e.g., size of text, anchoring, positioning and size of objects) after an algorithm change result in infinite appending of pages, or something like that. So it’s completely useless to describe your documents - the only reasonable thing is to file a bug report, and attach the specific document there.

I have Windows 10 and 16GB of Ram and LO and my tech here suggested disabling three services on Windows. They are:Connected user experiences and telemetry, Sysmain and Windows search. This added memory available for Writer.

With win 10 and LO, I use Skia and no whitespace in view. With this, task manager reports 3% memory usage for LO, but the computer memory can now continue to grow without stopping anything (have 16 GB of ram).
The main point is that LibreOffice is working well without any more problems. I am a happy camper!