writer merged cell

Since upgrading to version 7.1.0, merged cells in Writer tables corrupted, showing as if they are not merged. I guess this is an issue with the new version software.


We need the file to help you check where the problem is.

The problem happens in a file with about 60 pages, and the problem is continuing. Unfortunately, that file, or series of files (monthly output), cannot be provided. What I tried doing here is extracting the culprit table, but once it is on its own, the problem does not exist: Sample.odt

The document is a file containing mainly Chinese words, and created in Traditional Chinese edition of LibreOffice. The sample is provided with Chinese contents changed into English. The cuplrit cells are at the top left and top right.

I hope this does give some clue, but I am living with the trouble, by leaving the cells split. The scenario now is filing a record, perhaps, so that all knows there is such a potential issue. I do understand it is difficult to track it down without genuine evidence.

The earlier trouble is:

  • cells merged and file saved;
  • when the file is opened again, the cells are showing split, with the expanded cell in a different colour background;
  • merged the cells again and saved the file;
  • same problem.

Once again, this does not happen to this standalone file, which is pretty strange.

Thank you.