Writer: "Restarting page numbering" as described in the manual not working with master document

Chapter 13, p.352 of the writer guide from here:

Provides details on how to restart numbering. It advises a new text style with page number “1” set in the “Text Flow” tab.

I have done this, copying Heading 1 to create a new “Heading 1 Chapter 1” with these settings in the template I use (then applied it to all subdocuments and the master document.

I have checked this works by selecting a heading a few pages into a document and giving it this style. Page numbering re-starts fine.

But then the document with this text style appears in the master document, page numbers continue as normal. Instead of re starting numbering at 1 it starts at 14, the number it started at before.

Is this a problem with master documents, and is there some work around possible?

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Have you been able to solve this yet or are you still awaiting help?

If you need to post a bug-report then this link usually helps

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