Writer: Section page count in footer?

My Writer document has two sections. The first section is a one-page cover letter, and the second section is a legal document. In the second section, the footer’s page number is correct (page 1, 2, 3, etc. of that section). I want the second section’s footer to say “Page N of X pages” with X being the number of pages in that section. But when I insert the “page count” field in the footer, it shows the page count for the entire document, not that section. Is there any way to insert a “section page count” field?

And curiously, my document has FIVE pages, but the “page count” field says SIX pages.

There is a single page count variable in LO Writer and its capture range is the whole document. Consequently it can’t be used to measure parts of a document.

You need then a workaround. You had to insert a page break with page number reset at the start of your part to format your document. You need now to create a bookmark at the end of the part. Either put it after the last full stop or in a new dedicated empty paragraph (which may be styled hidden to avoid possible “glitches” like bring alone at top of a new page). Then, in your footer, insert a cross-reference to the page number of this bookmark instead of the page count.

Regarding the FIVE/SIX page count, it is likely caused by the page number reset to 1. LO Writer assigns odd pages to right side pages (relative to binding), allocating empty pages as needed. You can check with print preview or “book view”.

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Thanks, ajlittoz. My document section is fixed at 4 pages, so for now I’ll just type the “4” into the footer. But this is great to know for future reference, when a section’s page count might vary.