You provide a leading zero. how about an option to replace trailing decimal zeros with spaces

you provide a leading zero option. how about an option to replace trailing decimal zero(s) with space(s)? thus with number format decimal = 4


I wouldn’t be upset with 111.

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Use # instead of 0.

thank you but:
all that does is insert a # within a cell. I’m trying to create cells like this:
111 and not 111.0000
.2 not .2000
.03 not .0300
.0004 = .0004
since this looks like a feature request, should I be using bugzilla???

I tried number format #.#### which dropped trailing zeros but then right justified the cells. when I tried “justified” LO appeared to left justify the cells. I would think that justification of a number format should provide decimal alignment.

come to think of it, you appear to remove cr/lf (paragraph) characters which just confuses the reader as it would clearly show my issue.

should I be using bugzilla for either of these issues?

As Number Format Codes explains under “Decimal Places and Significant Digits”:

? Displays space characters instead of extra zeros.

One should take into account that having spaces does not automatically make them aligned in cells, because by default, variable-width fonts are used; so in combination with #.???? format code, one needs to use a cell style with fixed-width font (and right-align numbers).

See also this Q&A.