All docs I have typed up are saved in a template format. What have I done wrong?

The template window has lots of docs I have typed up saved as templates. I must have missed a step. Need guidance.

LO, Paths .png
I take a screen shot and save it to pics on computer. When I upload it here, this is what I get!!!

Tools, Options, Load/Save = ODF format version: 1.2 Extended (recommended)
Document tuype: Text document
Always save as: ODT Text Document (*.odt)

These are the settings from that window.

Here is another screen shot to show you the “Save As” window for one of the transcribed writer docs.

Annotation 2020-08-11 183325.odg

Using Windows 10. Do not use MS office software. Am using LO Writer.

‘What have I done wrong?’

Changing things at random.

Are they really saved as templates? Or have you changed where Templates points to? Can you post in your question above, a screenshot of the dialog box that is visible when you click in the menu Tools > Options and click on Paths (Under LibreOffice)?

OK, that’s good, the paths look OK.

You seem to be defaulting to saving as ODT from the screenshot in your other question

In that Tools > Options dialog box but this time under Load/Save > General in the drop down box at the bottom labelled “Always Save As”, it should say “ODF Text Document (.odt)". If it says "…(.ott)” then change it to “ODF Text Document (*.odt)” (should be the top of the list) and click OK

Otherwise, you have been changing the file type in the Save As dialog. Take care when exporting as MS Office formats, .doc or .docx are files but common template extensions are .dot, .dotx .ott, it will say template in the description against all these.

I can not decide - based or your atached picture - if they are really template files or only the list of the file manager is wrong. Can you upload a small ODF type sample file here? What is the filename extension of these files? What is the file name when you open them: are they “Unnamed x”-like names?

The blue icon is for .odt (as the shown in your screen capture). Templates (.ott) use a gray icon.

If you open a document, the title bar show the document name, or show Untitled 1? If it say Untitled 1 (or 2, etc.) they are templates.

I am guessing that if the column in the window is opened up a little more we would be able to read “OpenDocument Text” which is what I would expect to read. I think all is probably OK. Cheers, Al

To LeroyG – That did it! Now I am back to the reg way of saving docs, etc.Very comfortable with this way since I know it! Thank you!

Really, thanks to all who helped get us to the final point!!!

Not my comment, may be @EarnestAl comment. My comment only highlights the icon difference between .odt and .ott.

I am not clear about the solution you applied.