Is login on AskLibO ever going to change?

Previous users have pointed out that it seems unreasonable to force people to use the open_id sign up method. For example, see:

To me there is a certain amount of arrogance to using a complicated login system. The obvious problem is that people who haven’t figured it out don’t have voice. We don’t know who these people are, because they are blocked and their opinions are not represented in this forum. Maybe they have a good reason for not using social media, like not wanting to be tracked. To whoever made the decision to require a social media account: will you ever read this post? How can I contact you? I hope you will answer this post. You can see why it seems arrogant to impose this system on people - very different from the otherwise open prinicples of Libre Office.

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Yep, and if your openid provider should go away, you cannot login nor change your login providers!

Well, “ever” is a long time (as the saying goes). It remains unclear whether the site administrators / TDF will turn on the local account login feature at some point or not. It would seem unlikely, but that is my opinion.

To whoever made the decision to require a social media account …

This is inaccurate. OpenID is not a “social media account” and yet it is one of the methods offered for login. As the comments against the question indicate, there are currently unanswered questions relating to re-association of a new OpenID to an existing AskLO account, but otherwise OpenID is available for use, on a non-social basis if necessary.