Bookmarking a row in calc?

my calc file has 7214 rows…
1 row for each individual items in an inventory… I know it sounds messy but I have it organized so that identical item types are next to each other going down the rows…

I would like to know if there is a way to quickly get to a row in a spreadsheet that doesnt involve scrolling endlessly?

also i can’t rely on referencing the row’s number, i add rows in several locations…

what i currently do is; I use auto filter to select the item type I’m looking for in a column, I note the row number of the item type, then scroll down the sheet to said row… i know there’s got to be a more efficient way…?


If you know the row - just add the name A<row> (e.g. A3752 ) into the Name Box left most of the Formula Bar and press ENTER. This takes you to the desired row (in general: To any desired cell). At least this would elliminate the scrolling.

@clos911: And how many references are needed there? You mentioned that you “can’t rely on referencing the row’s number, i add rows in several locations” - but instead, you could assign names to the ranges, and then extend the advise by @anon73440385 using the Name Box, which has a drop-down with the list of names…

This solved my problem! I added a name to the cell in the row I want to view using formula bar, then use the drop down box to quickly get to said row. as far as how many rows I’m referencing, its about 75 throughout the spreadsheet, so that dropdown box is going to be full!

Hello clos911,

a simple solution could be to add another column named bookmark, place a x into the row you want to bookmark, use ‘search’ on the bookmark column next time to jump to the specific row (to perform that, mark the whole column bookmark and go to menu ‘edit’, ‘search’, this will lookup the searched word only in the marked column).

Extended version: You could use several letter codes to bookmark more than one position if there is need to return to several item sections or other favoured positions.

Seperate from this solution, doesn’t Calc open on the last saved position? Here it does. Maybe there is a way to set and edit this internal bookmark by macro code but I don’t have a clue on this.

There were somehow related questions earlier. One I found again was this one in the German branch.

Despite the fact that already an accepted answer exists, I add an example going different ways. That’s becasuse I wouodn’t like to need to define a potenially infinite number of named ranges, and to add new named ranges probably again and again.

If I understood the situation correctly, there are ways to solve the task using th HYPERLINK() function without needing any specific measures per “item type”. One of these ways can use a dedicated sheet containing a complete list of these types, and using an adjacent column to get links very similar to bookmarks automatically. Another way accepts the input of one of the “types” into a specific cell supported by a ‘Validity’ setting if wanted. Both these solutions are demonstrated in the attached demo. The maintenance of the “bookmark-solution” may suffer from problems caused by a bug or by general shortcomings of HYPERLINK.

There is also demonstrated a solution based on user code whitch should be even more comfortable, but comes with the general disadvantages of relying on “macros”. Ths solution can, of course, only work if macros are permitted or if the needed code is moved to the local ‘Standard’ library.

You find the demonstrating file here.