Calc Chart SVG missing X-axis Labels

Apparently this issue has been reported on earlier by @datum and viewed more than 425 times; however, that thread was closed before an answer was given: Export Calc chart as SVG - missing x-axis labels!!

Today, using Calc Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 9f56dff12ba03b9acd7730a5a481eea045e468f3
CPU threads: 12; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19045; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-US (en_US); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

This issue persists. I’ve tried other export formats including EPS. EPS has a different set of issues, but at least the labels are included for both axis, x & y. This will afford a work around but will require that each grid line’s width be changed for both axis.

Any hints or tips will be most appreciated.

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I don’t see the option to export as svg in Calc

If you export as PDF the graph will be exported as vectors. The resulting pdf can be opened in Draw and the graph exported as svg without loss of anything

Single click select the chart. Right-click over the chart. Choose from a variety of raster and vector graphic formats, though there are issues with some of them, including the PDF option.

Ah, yes Export as image.

See tdf#153544 which is marked as duplicate of tdf#153672 which is marked as resolved for 7.5.2. You might want to comment on one of those bug reports.

In the meantime clicking on graph and then click File > Export as PDF etc does work.

Thanks for looking. The original post is related to SVG. There is not one mention of SVG in tdf#153672

tdf#153544 is not helpful beyond others reporting the issue which appears to persist.

The export of the chart using the PDF didn’t produce the the chart in its entirety, only a small section of it.

Is it possible for the AI to test its solutions before posting?

Sorry, I’m under a deadline and cannot help further.

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No AI here, but the user is EarnestAl - note capital a, lower case l

I beg your pardon AL.

Thank you Rob for stopping me before further embarrassment!

I did. I tried posting the svg disguised as .odg but was blocked so I imported into Draw as attached.
GraphImportedIntoDrawAsSVG.odg (45.3 KB)
Cheers, Al

Deltas 5 Shared Solutions.ods (71.0 KB)

Thank you Alistair.

I’ve attached the .ods if you want to play with the dataset that began our conversation and the scatter x, y chart.

As previously mentioned, the EPS solution was what I ended up using for the article being prepared in Affinity Publisher 2, with its deadline of today.

The page size of 11.43 cm x 10.16 might have been responsible for the chart breaking up into several pages. I changed page size to A4 and in Print Preview I reduced scale to fit everything on and then Export as PDF (lossless,not jpg and not reduce dpi). I have saved as ODG so you can easily export to svg from Draw. Select a graph then click File > Export, tick the box Selection, navigate and save as svg.
Deltas 5 Shared Solutions2.odg (33.4 KB)

Please note that this issue is not known to be reported. Ever. That post from 2015 that you quoted (thank you! too often, people forget to provide a reference when mention something in their posts), was also on this Ask site, where users ask “how do I?”, and other users try to answer. And on this site, bug reports are off-topic.

You have provided a nice problematic document, showing erratic behavior in, too (please do it from start, to allow kind people volunteering to help you to not waste time on false targets, like @EarnestAl did). To have a hope it would be fixed properly, please file a bug report. Workarounds are nice, but filing bugs is the contribution that users can do to pay back to the project that provides LibreOffice free and open for everyone.