Calc: Display Text Labels on X-Axis

I have three columns of data which I am plotting an x/y chart. I wish to have the x-axis labels taken from the first column. This does not happen automatically, the x-axis is labelled 0 - 10 even though the correct range for the x-axis labels is shown when the chart is being created.

Previous questions and the LibreOffice Help implies that this can be corrected by editing the chart, right clicking on the x-axis, choosing “Format Axis” and in the “Scale” tab choose “Text” from a combo box. But in the scale tab I don’t see such a combo box.

I would be grateful if somebody would explain what I am doing wrong. I attach the example sheet: Untitled 1.ods


XY(Scatter) chart type is suited for numerical data on both axis (e.g. function plot). Your column Year does not contain numerical data but text (though real calc dates would be numerical and could be used for x-axis in XY(Scatter) chart). Thus change your chart type to Line and you get your Year data as categories on the x-axis of your chart.

See the following modified file: DisplayTextLabels-Modified.ods

Hope that helps.

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Perfect, thank you so much.