Can a database be used to keep track of running dates?

So, I would like to use LibreOffice Database as a roster. I need to keep track of everyone who shows up on any given day.

However, I think it would be cumbersome to go about a field with 200 rows each holding a date that someone showed up. Is there any other way to do this? (Ie, query to actually add a column every time someone shows up?)

This database needs to be searchable too… it needs to show everyone who showed up on a certain day, or search to see if someone specific did or didn’t show up on a different day. (So n…n queries I guess.)

I’m not sure how to design this database, I’d be grateful for any help.

Here is something simple. Just add more to it including queries:
Attendance.odb (13.8 KB)

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A thousand thank yous.

Say, I was wondering if you could help me with one more thing.

Whenever I try to duplicate your work, I find that the “subordinate” spreadsheet aways just shows everything. I have the top table in a form, and the bottom table in a subform. I configured them identically to yours, I thought.

I have noticed that the only way for me to display which table columns appear in a table is from the wizard! I can’t figure out how to edit them after that. Perhaps these two problems are related?

It appears you have not linked the data of the sub form to the main form. Go to the properties of the sub form and on the Data tab set the linkage: