Can the Data Form be modified?

Can the Form used for data entry be modified & have the fields rearranged?

Save the sheet with the list in dedicated directory as dBase(*.dbf ).
Connect a new database document to the directory.
Let the form wizard create an input form.

It was possible to create and connect a database. But the file was unavailable for updating.
It’s simple, I know. But it is difficult for those who have not worked in the database (although I know MS Access well).
But the idea (solution) is correct.

DBASE files are editable in Base. They do not even require primary keys like other databases do. Don“t connect to the original spreadsheet.
File - Save as …
Navigate to or create a new folder, choose file type dBASE (.dbf) This saves the active sheet of the current Calc document as a database table in a dBASE directory.
Then connect to that database in a directory:
File - New - Database
Connect to existing dB
Type: dBASE
Specify the directory where you saved the dBASE file.
Save the database document and start the form wizard.

Yes, I did it. I don’t know how convenient this is for the questioner.
It worked when I created a separate folder. I didn’t understand why it was necessary.

You have to do this only once and you can use this database seamlessly in all other components. Millions of rows can be sorted and filtered easily. Everything that is so difficult to do with text in Calc is easy to with Base

@Villeroy, and how to make the path relative when connecting so that it works when transferring to another location (file transfer)?

Remark. Users who have not worked with the database are used to seeing all the records at once (rather than one in the data form), and it seems to them that the data is “lost” if they are not visible (when displaying one record in the data form). However, the correct approach is to simultaneously see exactly the record you are working with, all the others are not needed, is it not?
LO Base allows you to set the way data is displayed.

AFAIK, it is relative. If not, Edit - Database - connection… and change the path

Tested. The path is relative. Works.

Then we will answer the author’s question regarding changing the order of the fields (screenshot). For example, Field3 is placed before Field2.

This is dBASE, a local desktop database from the 80ies.Don“t share it on any network.

The form allows any selection of rows and columns in any order of rows and columns. You can define these things even easier in a query and use this predefined record set instead of the table.

Yes, of course. The most important thing I checked was updating the data in the source. Works. The data input/output form can be developed absolutely any. However, you will have to add a record search, for example, by selecting a value from a combobox control. But I haven’t done that here yet. For simple cases, MS Access has a wizard for automating the simplest search by a given key.
Edit: However, form-based filters allow you to search.

In the data properties of a text box you can define “Filter proposal” which turns the text box into a list box while in form filter mode.
Yes, the form based filter is awkward but useful. It accepts normal wildcards instead of regular expressions.
And then there is the magic filter where you simply select something and click a button to filter by the selected item.
So called “power filtering” also works with dBase. This filters a data form by a criteria form. Quite advanced but possible.
And if you have one of these form layouts where you only view and edit one record at a time, the last button on the toolbar turns on an additional table view on the same input form, analog to the data source window but with all form controls in place.

@Villeroy I’m not doubting your answer.
Base query is so lame. A query is a grid, like a spreadsheet, so you shouldn’t need a form to view, sort. filter, edit etc. As for data constraints, that should be part of table design.

So how is a table different? No form there either? A Query is a result set. It is up to the user as to how it is used.

My point is the grid can be used for input as well as output, so it’s a basic form with the table constraining the data and the query the presentation.


So is the table.

Sorry - don’t get your point. I must be using queries all wrong.

No reason you would have to use all possible functionality. Discussion sits better at Attributes of Queries in Base SQLite Database

I give up - your comments make no sense to me.

Edit - quote corrected - still no sense!

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