Can't select all labels on a sheet of labels

I can select all the text in a label with Ctrl-A or Select All. But sometimes I’d like to select all the text in all the labels on a sheet. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that.

Often I have a saved sheet of labels, say spice jar labels. I’d like to delete all the spice names and enter new names. But I have to go to each label to select the text. I wish Select All really did select all.

It doesn’t have to be, if the label at the top left is a master label.

Master.odt (9,8 KB)


Thanks, PKG. I wasn’t aware of the Master Label feature. See Insert empty table into each label? - #2 by Hrbrgr.
Using a Master Label, I can put the same text in each label. But what I want is to put unique text in each label (“Oregano” “Sage” …), print the lables, then delete all the text and put new unique text in each label.

That’s rubbish (excuse the expression).

You should consider creating a list of herbs in a database and then mail merge the labels in one go.