Chart does not update when data is updated

Using version Version: (x64)
Using LibreOffice Calc on Windows 10

When the data updates, the corresponding chart does not update.
If I right click on the chart and choose Edit, however, the chart changes to what it should be until exiting the Edit mode.

Tried this with both odf and xls versions of the file.

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

Maybe(!) Bug #tdf136160 - Chart displays incorrectly, but, if I double-click on it to edit, it then displays correctly (EDITING), which is still in the UNCONFIRMED status (I’d give LibreOffice version a try).

Bugs #86321 #136160 #136254 have been created specifically for this topic.
Still reproducible up to an including Version: Build ID: f08ddf3d3df0ef12fef36e96ffe6f5b9a7fda9e3

Readers busy building spreadsheets (like me): some laborious workarounds that may (sometimes) help (while waiting for a debugged version) -

Click on the chart and dragging it a few pixels will cause it to update.
Zoom out (then in) the whole sheet view (using mousewheel if you have one) may work.
Copy the chart, paste the twin on the same sheet. The twin often autoupdates(!), the original can be deleted.

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I had the issue most recently with

See Calc chart not refreshing when data changes and Calc chart not refreshing when data changes _Latest_Update

Using LO on a G2 Mac 6/11/24. Chart updates when I hit Enter for new data in an existing charted cell. It fails to update when I add new rows of data, even after a Save of the file or resizing of the chart.

Here’s a slightly tedious work-around of that one problem:
Double-click the chart to select it, use the Format pull-down, Data Ranges… line, and manually edit the row numbers (they appear twice).

There’s got to be a better way, and for other expansions (adding columns, e.g.)

(Apple’s touchy-feely Numbers app has one that’s less tedious but probably rather limited: Double-click to select the chart, click the “edit data references” button that pops up, and drag the boundary of the already charted cell to include the new one. Too bad the Cupertino kids had chosen to impose a proprietary file format and not let users just plug away in xls or ods, eh?)

I see lots of posts about this, and suggest that auto-updating of charts should be high on the developers’ do-list. If some users need no automaton, there could be a Settings entry to opt-out (or in). Maybe even an easily found option to allow for expansion of the chart when lines or columns get added.

There is the bug report tdf#42196, please add there your comment.

Got it. Stuck with dummfone. Will post at the bugbit next time I am on the Mac.