Circular image contains a rectangular frame while converting from pdf to word

I am converting pdf to word using command “libreoffice --headless --infilter=‘writer_pdf_import’ --convert-to doc”. I got an image in pdf but when i convert that in Word it shows rectangular image frame. I need to get rid of that frame. Document is attached for better understanding.
Abdul.docx (22.6 KB)

Huh? You attached a DOCX, how is anyone supposed to check how a specific PDF is converted, and what does it contain that results in the problem? (Not saying that in case of bugs, this is not a proper place to report it…)

Abdul.pdf (46.9 KB)
This was my pdf file before converting . If not then where’s the proper place to report error . Huh

Mike Kaganski linked to the How to Use this Site # Bugs

Looking at the pdf in Adobe Illustrator it is not a circular image but a square image with a clipping mask applied. I guess bug tdf#86211 applies

You definitely used the wrong tool.

A PDF is seen as a graphical file by LO and it opens in Draw. Eventhough you requested to convert to an M$O Word document, you won’t get a text document. You can check that your DOCX doesn’t contain a single paragraph of text. It is made of various “shapes” (mainly text boxes) spread all over the page. These shapes have all a rectangular bounding box.

Since you provided only a PDF, I have no idea about your original “circular image” but it looks like it is composed of 3 basic shapes (all of them having a rectangular “container”). The illusion of a circular image relies perhaps on transparent background, z-priority or logical operations on shapes.

Anyway, this site is dedicated to LO, not to PDF nor M$ Word.